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Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake

Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake

APCL Mission:

The Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake is a group of private citizens dedicated solely to the protection and enhancement of North Iowa's most valuable natural resource - Clear Lake.

History of APCL:

  • APCL began in the 1930's and now has over 200 members.
  • First major accomplishment was creating the Clear Lake Sanitary District which provided sewer service for many residents in the 1950's.
  • Assisted with securing McIntosh Woods State Park and Ventura Marsh Wildlife Area.
  • Educated the public about water quality issues of Clear Lake.
  • Built a strong relationship with the local, state and federal agencies.

Recent APCL Activities:

  • Purchase of beach cleaner machine.
  • Assisting with collecting water samples and funding water quality investigations.
  • Purchasing pet waste bag dispensers and installing them in various public areas in the watershed to encourage residents and visitors to cleanup after pets.
  • Assisting with various water quality information and education activities.
  • Providing funding towards the CLEAR Project Coordinator's salary.

APCL Membership Drive:

Now is the time to become a member of our Lake Association! We need to show strong support of the lake restoration efforts during this critical time when significant State, local, and federal funds are being sought. Please join us in our efforts to restore and preserve this precious natural resource. Members will receive a quarterly newsletter updating them on lake improvement activities. The Association is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.

CLEAR Project  ~  PO Box 863  ~  Clear Lake, IA 50428  ~  641-923-2837 Ext.3